About Us

As the name suggests, Initiative is a company that takes Initiative to introduce products that make life easier for its customers in the Water Treatment space.

Hydraulic non electric automatically proportional dosing pumps in 1990, manual multiport valves which replaced 5-6 valve nest in filters/softeners/DM plants in 1992, rotomoulded pressure vessels in 1994, pool lights thereafter, solenoid driven dosing pumps in 2000, Automatic multiport valves in 2002, completion of size range in mpv from 20nb to 65nb by 2005, Remote monitoring controllers in 2009 and Automatic water Dispensing stations in 2010 and iDose the automatic air release, 100-250V operating range dosing pumps are some products which represent a total of 22 years developing and refining products for the Water Industry.

Today its core competence which includes Water treatment, Plastics, Rubbers and Electronics forms the ideal combination to develop and fine tune its product offerings.

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