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Since 1990 Initiative has played a leading role with pioneering products unheard of in India’s Water Industry.

A silent revolution underway across rural India is to make available community drinking water at a very nominal cost while also eliminating single use PET bottles.

Initiative has pioneered 3 technologies that have made this possible.


We make plants Fully Automated

We make manually operated Water Treatment plants FULLY AUTOMATIC with just 10-15% cost addition



Control Your Plant Remotely

We offer complete remote monitoring and control of water treatment plants using mobile/cloud based apps at a very nominal cost

We provide Automatic Water Dispensing Solution

We offer end to end Fully automated prepaid distribution of water using our Water ATMs , both Smart Card and Coin operated

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Automatic Multi-Port Valves


Automate your plant with iSolo – Automatic MPV’s

Manual Multi-Port Valves

We supply Multiport valves [MPV] for wide range of applications namely filters, softeners, 2 bed and mixed bed demineralizer

RO Panels

RO iPanel

Introducing the World’s Smartest RO Control Unit with inbuilt soft start, live mimic display and remote monitoring & control options

I Panels

Introducing Customized control panels for Filters / Softeners / DM in automatic water treatment plant

Water ATMs


Automatic Water Dispenser using RF Smart Card and Coins

Initiative Apps for Remote Monitoring and Control

We offer a cost-effective automation solution to remotely manage your entire industrial plans anytime, anywhere

Dosing Pumps

iDose is a state of the art digital dosing pump and only one in india with Automatic Air Release feature

Distribution Systems



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Our representatives takes 2 business days to resolve customer queries.

Initiative Charitable Trust

Our charitable trust has developed educational teaching aids and toys for preschoolers.

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