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Apps for Automation

Introducing mobile apps for:

  1. Remote monitoring and control of water production named CROWN
  2. App for monitoring water distribution and payment collection named WATEM
  3. App for recharging smart water cards named iRECHARGE


Monitor & Track Production of Water & Plant Parameters, and generate alerts.



  • Display flow rate, total volume of treated water, and hours of operation
  • Displays electrical data such as voltage & current
  • All instrument reading such as pressure, TDS/conductivity and pH
  • Tank level status

Note: Android version displays plant data of 25 sites whereas Cloud/server bbased version displays upto 500 sites


  • Start & Stop the plant & also backwash auto MPV
  • Change Pump overload current, Dry run current set points
  • Change settings upto 5 Auto MPV’s for backwash timings, regeneration, rinse, motor on delay
  • Change High/Low TDS or Conductivity set points


  • Pop up alarm and SMS alerts for low flow or high conductivity
  • High or low for all instruments
  • Manual stop alert
  • System malfunction alert


  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Status Reports
  • Status can be viewed in real time
  • The frequency of reports is settable


iwater appMonitor and track water consumption, and payments collected remotely in real time with WATEM App



  • Read Sale Price and Total Amount of Water Dispensed
  • Set cost of water and volume remotely
  • Disable the recharge function
  • Get instant feedback on current setting
  • Instant alert on malfunctioning low voltage, tank empty and filling out
  • Walk in + regular customer report, daily/weekly/monthly report
  • Card Recharge and Coin Collection Report
  • Instrument data report. Status can be viewed in real time

iRecharge App

Track Payment Collections and Control Card Recharge Permission using Admin Card


  • An app to recharge watercards through mobile phone
  • Suitable to recharge water card from nearest shop from RO plant
  • iRecharge works well in Door Delivery model of 20 litres water cans
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